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Upcoming Parameters

Upcoming parameters which are currently on and/or
Version 23.8 was released on July 25th. All new parameters are here.
You can use/test these new parameters for Version 24 on and/or
New floating picture in picture mode, so you can pop out the entire video mix as a pinned window overlay
Will cause your self-video preview window to pop out into its own picture in picture
Disables the default mirror state of the video preview for a guest
Option for a custom hang-up message
The same as &hangupmessage, except this takes an input as a base64 encoded string
The same as &welcome, except this takes an input as a base64 encoded string
Scales down the WHIP video output via the URL
Option to change codec of the WHIP while screen-sharing
Option to change outbound screen-share video bitrate of WHIP
Accepts the special token without needing to specify the part if using &whipout instead
The same as &clock option, except it uses 24-hour time for the display
Does a few things when it detects motion in a video
Keeps all incoming videos oriented (rotated) so that the aspect ratio is always above 1
Replaces the way &queue worked before, where the guest can see/hear the director, but not other guests, until activated
Like &queue, except the guest gets a message telling them they need to wait until approved by the director
Just like &hold, except the director does see the guest's video and audio before the guest is activated
More new parameters
*ALPHA-ONLY - Only available at **on and