Lets you manually pre-set the white balance of the camera/webcam

Sender-Side Option! (&push)


  • &wb


Example: &whitebalance=5000


(integer value)

white balance in Kelvin (5000 to 6500 are typical values)


Lets you manually pre-set the white balance of the camera/webcam:

It is normally in Kelvin, so 5000 or 6500 are typical values it will take.

VDO.Ninja already tries to auto-save camera settings for android devices that support video settings, but for desktop browsers, it does not. Using these new values though you can manually set things to auto-configure as you want.

These settings will apply to ALL video devices though, not just a specific one. If a setting isn't supported by your camera or browser, it will just fail quietly, and not apply. You'll see an error in the console log though.

  • Firefox and Safari may not support this feature.

  • Not all cameras/smartphones will support this option

You can check the video settings menu as to whether a device supports a certain feature or what value ranges are support; you can also check it out here https://vdo.ninja/supports.

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