The power of the URL parameter

You can customize the playback of videos by adding query string parameters to the VDO.Ninja URL links, along with many other aspects. VDO.Ninja is highly flexible in this regard, letting you achieve your desired outcome without needing to code and without additional software.

For example, a simple viewer URL link such as

could be amended to

which will cause the viewer to receive the publisher's video stream at a video bitrate of 500-kbps.

Multiple parameters can be appended together by using the ampersand (&) as a separating character.

For example, to view the video stream published at stream ID streamid at a video bitrate of 500-kbps and set the &proaudio parameter to 1:

Some parameters, like &view will accept a comma-separated list of valid values, so you can do some rather powerful combos, such as publishing your own video (using &push) while also viewing multiple others videos. VDO.Ninja will auto-mix the videos together into a single layout for you:,ccc,ddd
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