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=motion prioritizes frame rate; =detail prioritizes resolution
Sender-Side Option! (&push)


  • &hint
  • &contenttype
  • &content


Example: &contenthint=detail
will prioritize resolution over frame rate
will prioritize frame rate over resolution

Additional value options

Depending on browser and version, there may be additional values you can pass, such as text. Please see the following link for possible options that your browser may offer:


&contenthint can customize how you want VDO.Ninja to balance resolution vs frame rate, specifically when bitrate or CPU is insufficient to offer both at the same time.
The two options for video are detail or motion. Screen-shares generally tend towards detail by default, and camera sources are tend towards motion by default. detail will try to prioritize resolution over frame rate, so the frame rate may drop a lot used. motion will try to maximize frame rate, but may drop the resolution a lot. There's no way to force both on as there's no magic bullet if your CPU or network cannot keep up.
For more information on how to lock or maximize the resolution of a video feed, please see the following guide:
There is &screensharecontenthint if you want the parameter to only affect screen-shares.
If using &codec=vp9 on the viewer side, the frame rate may drop as low as even 5-fps.
This parameter has been tested on Chrome, but other browsers may vary in behavior. Safari seems to just ignore things, for example.