Sets an offset (in ms) for the automatic audio sync fix node

Viewer-Side Option! (&view, &scene, &room)


Example: &sync=50


(integer value)

value in ms


&sync=X will set an offset in milliseconds for the audio stream.

&buffer=0 or &sync=0 will do the same thing: it will try to auto-sync video and audio.

Tiny negative offsets may work, like &sync=-25 is possible, but large negative offsets will not work.

No clue if it is supported in OBS or not; works in Chromium/Chrome v76 or newer tho. Useful if the video device has a large delay that needs compensating for that isn't fixed automatically.

&sync=500 without the &buffer command also will only add an audio delay; there will be no additional video buffer or delay.

Using may stop Echo Cancellation from working.


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