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New Parameters in Version 23

Recently added to VDO.Ninja
hese parameters are all on production in v23 of VDO.Ninja
Will mute the microphone of a guest when not loaded in an active OBS scene
Creates simulated guest videos
Will clear all the saved user preferences for all sessions
Publish directly from OBS to VDO.Ninja without a virtual camera
Lets you precisely delay the MIDI play-out
Same as &buffer, but instead includes the round-trip-time
The same as &group, except it lets you see those groups without actually needing to join them with your mic/camera
Adds a built-in basic controller to control PowerPoint
Will load a side-bar with an IFrame embed, with support for YouTube / Twitch / Social Stream
Lets you set a pseudo 'master room password' as a director
A token for invite/scene links to determine whose the director of a room
Specifies an OBS cut scene to switch to when the bitrate drops below a threshold
Will try to "distort" your microphone's output audio, making your voice a bit anonymous
Will make the tally sign larger and colorize the background of the page
Positions the countdown timer
Option to filter which OBS scenes a remote guest has access to controlling when using &controlobs
Lets you specify a custom POST URL to send events within VDO.Ninja to
Will save that stream ID to local storage and reuse it every time &permaid is used without a stream ID
Will change the browser's page favicon image
Will change the browser's page title
Will ignore the chunked version and use the low-latency version
A mic only button shows if a guest joining a room
Will have the video holding div element be structured to the aspect ratio
You can specify the background color independent of the border color
Will try to add a blurred background to the video so it fits the structured video container
Will disable local audio playback of a Chrome tab while screen-sharing it
Will have the current tab as the default screen-share source
Excludes the current tab as a screen-share source option
Excludes the system-audio as an audio source when display sharing
Will pre-select display-share, rather than tab-share, when screen-sharing
Used to position where the mini preview is located by default on screen
Tells a sender to provide a p2p stream, rather than a Meshcast stream
Lets you specify the Meshcast server to use
Will play either the left or right audio stream-only for an incoming stereo stream
Will let you specify the default for whether to transfer a guest from room to room in broadcast mode or not
Will transfer a guest from one room into another, but one transferred, the guest will be in Queue mode
Lets you specify a poster image for videos that have not yet started playing
Will hide the default big play button that overlays a video when auto play is not allowed
Tells the director which slot the guest should prefer to be in