Does the same thing as &scale but you pass the height in pixels

Viewer-Side Option! (&scene, &room, &view, &solo)


  • &vh


Example: &viewheight=1080


(value integer)

video height in pixels


Added new viewer-side parameters that can be used in place of &scale: &viewheight=180 and &viewwidth=320, which effectively does the same thing as &scale, but instead you pass a resolution.

It's important to note, that due to flexibility to request width/heights that are not aspect-ratio compatible, and due to bitrate/quality resolution limitations, these values are just 'max' target resolution values; the actual resolution you get could be still less. They also do not impact the actual capture resolution of the remote sender's camera, so its purely for requesting a specific downscaled resolution. This command applies to all video elements in a view port, and it disables the auto-scaler functionality.

Similarly, also added the option to the IFRAME API to request different down-scaled resolutions dynamically, per connection, if you want greater programmatic control vs static URL options.


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