Ninja Docs

Design Parameters

Labels, styles, clean output, CSS, mirroring, margin, dark mode, background color, disable tallies etc.
They are separated in three groups: general options (push and view), source side (push) options and viewer side (view) options.

General options

You can add them to both, source (&push) and viewer (&view or &scene) sides.
Sets a display name label
Display labels as a video overlay
Let you set font-size of the closed captions and stream labels
Lets you select how audio-only elements are displayed in OBS and for guests
Can be used to set the default image avatar, when using &style=0 or &style=6
Includes non-media-based push connections as video elements in a group room
Optional audio meter style type
Keeps the output as clean as possible from UI elements
Cleaner output; not as clean as &cleanoutput
Loads a custom CSS file
Lets you add css to the URL, but as a single string, so no external reference to a file is needed
Lets you pass a third party hosted javascript file URL
Lets a user add raw javascript to the URL to run on page load
Inverts the video so it is the mirror reflection
Inverts the video so it is upside down
Will have the video holding div element be structured to the aspect ratio
You can specify the background color independent of the border color
Will try to add a blurred background to the video so it fits the structured video container
Adds a border around the videos
Defines the color of &border
Rounds the edges of videos
Adds a margin around the videos in pixel
Darkens the website and interface
Forces to enable the lightmode / disable the darkmode
Accepts a URL-encoded image URL to make as the app's default background
Sets the background for the website to a particular hex color
Makes the background transparent
Hides the mouse cursor over videos at a CSS level
Will change the browser's page favicon image
Will change the browser's page title

Source side options

You have to add them to the source side (&push).
Rotates the camera
Applies an rule-of-thirds grid overlay to the self-preview
Hides just the top header-bar
Hides the VDO.Ninja-branded menu and header bar
Will make the tally sign larger and colorize the background of the page
Disables the Tally Light's visibility for that particular guest

Viewer side options

You have to add them to the viewer side (&view or &scene).
Hides many of the UI elements and pop-ups that may cause unwanted visual elements
Disables the tally light effects
Auto PIP the first loaded video