Disables camera-sharing as an option

Sender-Side Option! (&push)


  • &ss


Starting with v19 of VDO.Ninja, there is also the &screenshare2 option; a minor UI variant that requires an additional button press, but more clearly preps the guest to the fact they will be sharing their screen.

Using &screenshare with the Electron Capture App

When using the Electron Capture App you have to "Elevate Privileges" to be able to share a window or screen. You can enable Elevated Privileges for the Electron App via the command line with --node true or in the app by right-clicking and selecting "Elevate Privileges" from the context-menu.

One unique feature about the Electron Capture App is that it can auto-select a screen or window when screen-sharing with VDO.Ninja, without user-input. For example: &screenshare=1 for the main display &screenshare=2 for the second display &screenshare=discord for the Discord application &screenshare=googlechrome for the Chrome Browser


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