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Disables camera-sharing as an option
Sender-Side Option! (&push)

  • &ss

&screenshare will allow the guest to screen share by being directly asked to share a screen or window instead of being taken to the camera/screenshare selection screen.
Starting with v19 of VDO.Ninja, there is also the &screenshare2 option; a minor UI variant that requires an additional button press, but more clearly preps the guest to the fact they will be sharing their screen.

When using the Electron Capture App you have to "Elevate Privileges" to be able to share a window or screen. You can enable Elevated Privileges for the Electron App via the command line with --node true or in the app by right-clicking and selecting "Elevate Privileges" from the context-menu.
One unique feature about the Electron Capture App is that it can auto-select a screen or window when screen-sharing with VDO.Ninja, without user-input. For example: &screenshare=1 for the main display &screenshare=2 for the second display &screenshare=discord for the Discord application &screenshare=googlechrome for the Chrome Browser

GitHub - steveseguin/electroncapture: Playback video in a frameless electron app for screen-sharing and window capture
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