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Applies an rule-of-thirds grid overlay to the self-preview
Sender-Side Option! (&push)


  • &ruler
  • &thirds


Example: &grid=./media/thirdshead.svg
(no value given)
adds a white rule-of-thirds grid overlay
(encoded URL)
adds an image as a overlay


Applies an rule-of-thirds grid overlay to the self-preview video window. This is useful for passively nudging guests to better center themselves while on camera.
As of v19.0, this only works for guests of a room or of a faux-room. It doesn't yet support basic push/view links, as those don't use the auto-mixer code, which is where this code is currently applied.
default version of &grid

Changes in Version 22

Added the option to customize the &grid effect by passing an image link (can help center guests).
A transparent PNG or an SVG file are the recommended options.
It will stretch to cover the camera preview-area, so probably best to keep things 16:9 aspect if needed.
URL can be URL-encoded, for more complex URLs. Simple URLs might work without.
Technically this can be used as an overlay for other things, but it only works with the self-preview.
Leave the passed value empty if you wish to have the white basic rule-of-thirds show as default.
  • As of v22, it now works in non-room mode (basic push links):
  • You can now also toggle it in the director's room to add it to the guest's link:
You can encode your URL here:
Last modified 10mo ago