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Speed Test

October 29

  • Added a new check to the vdo.ninja/check page that will detect if the browser is blocking direct p2p by means of blocking IP leaking.

    • This will help identify users ahead of time who might end up going thru a TURN relay server, when they don't need to be.

    • This won't detect if there is a corporate firewall or VPN is blocking a direct connection, rather if its due to a browser setting or privacy-focused extension.

April 21

April 13

January 19

  • Speed Test now includes a timestamp, so you can see when the test started.


October 3

  • Fixed a couple issues with the speedtest and vdo.ninja/alpha/check pages -- a recent chrome update deprecated (broke) some stats APIs I was using, along with a new race condition issue caused results to not always save. (It's funny how working code starts to 'rust' over time)

September 16

September 14

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