Community contributed tools

Awesome tools made by the community that help with common VDO.Ninja-related tasks

There's some tools out there made by the greater community that can help with common VDO.Ninja related-tasks. If you want your project listed here, please get in contact with us at the discord (


Wizard style links generator

Toggle style links generator

Another awesome link generator for VDO.Ninja

Ingest web pages as NDI-multicasted streams

Quick start guides and cheat sheets

Excel based link configuration tool

Detailled sheet of how to use &proaudio and &stereo


A simple Google Sheets list of most common parameters

qdaps on Discord

A Google Sheets list of all available parameters

JK14 on Discord

Excel based URL Link Configurator

JK14 on Discord

For &layouts parameter

JK14 on Discord

API / IFRAME Sandbox page for developer using VDO.Ninja

Sam MacKinnon on Discord

Remote control VDON via this plugin for Companion

Select any source in OBS to be the virtual cam output

Record a source in OBS that is different than the output

Plugin for OBS; adds Audio Monitor dock and filter

Capture audio from specific window in OBS

A docker container that lets you output a VDO.Ninja to RTMP

The video engineering and live streaming community is pretty amazing, so thank you all for being so awesome. ♥

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