Setup Parameters

Stream ID, create a room, password, labels, groups, devices, auto-start, welcoming guests, sharing a website/file

They are separated in two groups: general options (push and view) and source side (push) options.

General options

You can add them to both, source (&push) and viewer (&view, &scene or &solo) sides.


The stream ID that you are publishing with will be the defined value

Sets a room ID for the session to join

Sets a password to view a stream or to join a room

Checks the password

Support for something called "end to end encryption" using "insertable streams"

Sets a display name label

The same as &label, except it asks the user still for a user name

Will save that stream ID to local storage and reuse it every time &permaid is used without a stream ID

Puts guests into sub-groups, so they only see others in the same group

Tells the system to not filter out audio streams when using &group

The same as &group, except it lets you see those groups without actually needing to join them with your mic/camera

Combines a bunch of flags together; no video, no audio, GUI, etc.

Like &sink, but selects the audio output device

Outputs the audio to the specified audio output device, rather than the default


Source side options

You have to add them to the source side (&push).


Pre-configures the selected audio device

Pre-configures the selected video device

Like &videodevice for selecting a default video device, but you can still choose to change the camera

Same as &audiodevice or &videodevice, but applies to both

Share audio-only; no video publishing allowed

A mic only button shows if a guest joining a room

Tries to load the camera/audio with as little possible complexity as possible

Skips the camera/audio device or screenshare selection

Won't ask the user to confirm that they wish to exit or leave the page

Disables screen-sharing as an option

Will show the "Share your Camera" button before asking the user to select camera options

Disables camera-sharing as an option

Will show the "Share your Screen" button before asking the user to select screenshare options

Only shares a website with viewers

Allows the user to select a video or audio file as a source for streaming

When combined with the either &webcam or &screenshare, this option won't auto-load the camera/mic selection page

Shows a pop up to invite more guests to the room

Shows a help-screen on the guest joining

Adds a message the guest will see when joining the room

The same as &welcome, except this takes an input as a base64 encoded string

Lets you specify an image that appears for a few seconds once a guest joins

Option for a custom hang-up message

The same as &hangupmessage, except this takes an input as a base64 encoded string

Added to the URL, when not assigned to a group, you don't hear or see anything


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