Director Parameters

Options for &director URLs

Parameters specified for the director's control panel; have to be used together with the &director parameter.

Director Only Parameters


Enters a room as the director, instead of a guest and have full control

Allows assistant directors to have access to the director's room, with a subset of control

It allows the director 'blinding' all the guests at a time with a new button

Hides the invite URL options in the Director's room

Lets you hide the solo links from showing

Hides the co-directors from appearing in the director's room

Default mini director stylesheet

Orders guest's by their stream ID in the director's room

A basic guest queuing system

Quick director access to a list of rooms for transfering guests

Will let you specify the default for whether to transfer a guest from room to room in broadcast mode or not

Lets the director perform alongside guests, showing up in scene-view links

Gives you the possibility to assign slots to the connected guests

Activates the Preview layout for the director's room by default

Hides some advanced guest options in the director's control center

An ordered array of layouts, which can be used to switch between using the API layouts action

Lets you set a pseudo 'master room password' as a director

Parameters you can also use as a director


The total bitrate the guests in a room can view video streams with

Limits the total outbound bitrate

Audio alerts for raised hands, chat messages and if somebody joins the room

Can be used to have the director join unmuted

Displays the total number of p2p connections of a remote stream

Will load a side-bar for guests with an IFrame embed, with support for YouTube / Twitch / Social Stream

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