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Director Parameters
Options for &director URLs
Parameters specified for the director's control panel; have to be used together with the &director parameter.
Enters a room as the director, instead of a guest and have full control
Allows assistant directors to have access to the director's room, with a subset of control
The total bitrate a guest in a room can view video streams with
It allows the director 'blinding' all the guests at a time with a new button
Hides the invite URL options in the Director's room
Lets you hide the solo links from showing
Default mini director stylesheet
Orders guest's by their stream ID in the director's room
A basic guest queuing system
Quick director access to a list of rooms for transfering guests
Lets the director perform alongside guests, showing up in scene-view links
Audio alerts for raised hands, chat messages and if somebody joins the room
Can be used to have the director join unmuted
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