Multi-group audio chat
  • Created a page called Comms, which is designed for audio-only production.

  • You can select which "group" you want to be a part of via the top bar, where those in your group can hear you and vice versa.

  • If you aren't in a group, you hear everyone.

  • Compatible with &groups with VDO.Ninja as normal; it's just a custom layout stylized/tweaked for audio-only production comms.

  • There's a few URL parameters you can set, including &push, &label, &room, &password, and &groups.

  • If you use &groups=group1,groupb,etc, new group buttons will appear.

  • By default, groups 1 to 6 are there.

  • If you use &groups=1,2,3 , you'll auto-join groups 1, 2 and 3.

ie:,directors,onairgroup,steve123&push=STREAMID&room=TESTROOM or just go to to quick start without presetting anything

Voice-chat-room app

An experimental very simple voice-chat-room app based on the new Comms app:


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