Ninja Docs

Updates - Native mobile apps

January 21

  • I pushed an update for the iOS native app of VDO.Ninja earlier and it just got approved. Mainly added reconnection fixes, along with publish-to-room support.


December 8

  • Updated the android native app to have better re-connection smarts; if you lose the peer connection due to an IP address change or such, it should now reconnect. Can't promise it will handle more aggressive networking issues though.

November 14

May 27

  • Got the native iOS app into the app store. (crude, but finally got it accepted.)
  • The native iOS app has the ability to turn the torch light on, and it might support more than two cameras, but that's untested. It also has "screen share" support, but currently it only works within the VDO.Ninja app itself -- switching apps stops the screen capture. Overall, there's not a lot of reason to use the native app, but I'll keep it updated with new features as they become available to me.

May 12

  • Forgot to mention this, but I did get around to pushing the Android native app version of VDO.Ninja onto the Google Play store. (took a few days for approval)
  • I may re-release it at some point, but I'll keep this updated until then. Please note -- this is not a feature complete version of VDO.Ninja; its bare bones.

February 23

  • Updated the android app to android 12, added flashlight support to the android app, and patched some crashing causes. (not published yet; still have another couple things to do before that)

February 20

  • Android app will save the last stream ID used automatically (not yet uploaded)
  • Android app will show the camera preview before a user joins (not yet uploaded.) I'll upload the new android app once I finish up a few other features with it

February 2

  • The android app was updated; minor stuff updated in the code, such as updated API endpoints, and it's been built with an updated code framework, so hopefully better support and fewer bugs. Functionality wise, the app is the same though -- camera and screen share support, but pretty basic. Same install link as before.

January 14

  • Added stats back into the iOS app, so they will appear in the header.