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Can be used to set the default image avatar, when using &style=0 or &style=6
General Option! (&push, &room, &view, &scene, &solo)


  • &bgimg
  • &avatarimg


Example: &
(Encoded URL)
URL or base64 data image/svg


&bgimage can be used to set the default image avatar, when using &style=0 or &style=6. This only impacts what the person with the parameter added sees and must be either a URL or a base64 data image/svg. URL-encoded values.
You can encode your URL here:
If you want to change the background image / avatar on the sender's side for all viewers, use &avatar.

&bgimage2 and &bgimage3

&bgimage2 and &bgimage3 work in conjunction with the existing &bgimage parameter. You pass an URL-encoded image URL to each, and when a guest speaks, it will switch their background image between the 3 possible images, based on their loudness.
I've included some hand-drawn avatar sample images to test with; they are the default values for &bgimage, &bgimage2, and &bgimage3.
The images will only show when there is no active video and is essentially the same as using &meterstyle=4 with some custom CSS to specify the behaviour, but it is not stream ID specific however.
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