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Hotkey support

Some keyboard hotkeys

CTRL (cmd) + M will mute your mic

CTRL (cmd) + B will mute your video output

SHIFT + ALT + C will toggle the control bar that's normally at the bottom of the screen.

When using the above keyboard short-cuts, the tab/window must be actively in focus.

When using the Electron Capture app in elevated privilege mode, the keyboard shortcuts are global.

There are numerous more hotkeys that can be used via MIDI; these are global hotkeys, used even if the window is not visible, but they require some additional setup. You can remotely control via MIDI also, using the &midiout and &midiin routing functionality.

There is also OSC control compatibility, demo at osc.ninja, but due to the requirement of an API server, this is not recommended at the moment for most users. The server at the moment needs an overhaul for it to work correctly.

There is also StreamDeck webHID support, but due to the lack of programming the StreamDeck using this interface, it's not exactly recommended either. User requests are welcomed though and there's a demo here: https://vdo.ninja/webhid It should be improved upon in the future, based on user-feedback.

It's easy enough to add new hotkeys or features; please make a request as needed.