v21 ❤️

A relatively small update, but


This release is a fairly small update, with an emphasis on general polish and fixes. Updates since v20.4 will be considered as part of v21, to help divide up some larger code changes.

New features

  • Right-click menu added, to allow for downloading, video mirroring, and even stream pausing.

  • Chunked transfer has been improved some more. It does not adapt very well to low-quality connections still, but as a proof of concept it's become more usable and stable.

  • IOTA-blockchain API support added; an experimental option, but in theory it allows VDO.Ninja as a service to be decentralized.

If you have problems with version 21, version 20.4 (from January 2022) can be accessed here: https://vdo.ninja/v20/

I'd like to thank JK14, leb, and SilverServerT for helping out with community Discord user support during development of version 21. JK14 made significant contributions to organizing the documentation as well, so great thanks there.

I'd also like to thank everyone who made a contribution to the project, not least the sponsors and donors. Your generosity is valued and makes a real impact towards the continued health of this project. - Steve

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