Max. video bitrate a scene uses

Viewer-Side Option! (&view, &scene, &room)


  • &tsb

  • &maxtotalscenebitrate

  • &mtsb


Example: &totalscenebitrate=4000


(integer value)

max. video bitrate in kbps a scene uses


Mainly added to help offer another way to optimize performance and limit inbound bandwidth used, since why not.

This is similar to &totalroombitrate, but &totalscenebitrate applies to scenes and faux-room scenes instead. That is, it splits the total bitrate available for playback by the number of videos in the scene. It's a way to keep the inbound bitrate below a certain threshold. If &videobitrate is also used, &videobitrate becomes a max limit on any individual video, so you can set &totalscenebitrate=6000 and &videobitrate=2000, to keep all videos below 2-mbps each, but potentially go lower if more than 3 videos are present.


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