Pre-configures the selected audio device

Sender-Side Option! (&push)


  • &adevice

  • &ad


Example: &audiodevice=Cable_Output



disable audio source automatically; no option to change it during setup is provided.

1 | (no value given)

auto-select the default audio; no option to change it will be allowed.


will match against "CABLE Output (VB-Audio Virtual Cable). Use any other string to match against other device names.


You can pass a string name to auto-select an audio device that has a label containing that same string.

You can pass a device ID as well; see vdo.ninja/devices to see the device IDs (specific to VDO.Ninja's domain).

Setting this option to &audiodevice=0 will also disable the guest's microphone, potentially allowing for guest connections that have no video or audio. You might do this if you needed midi-only transport, hidden IFRAME control, or just to chatting.

See vdo.ninja/devices to see the device IDs and device names. DeviceIDs are specific to VDO.Ninja's domain, while device names are not. This web-based tool will also auto-create links for you, just by clicking on the respective device.

Update in V22

&audiodevice can accept multiple audio devices now. &audiodevice=cam,cable for example, will select the camlink and virtual audio cable devices as an audio source when joining.

&audiodevice={device name} will now also now show the selected audio devices before joining, while &audiodevice=1 or &audiodevice=0 will still hide the option to change or see audio devices.


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