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Pre-configures the selected audio device
Sender-Side Option! (&push)


  • &adevice
  • &ad


Example: &audiodevice=Cable_Output
disable audio source automatically; no option to change it during setup is provided.
1 | (no value given)
auto-select the default audio; no option to change it will be allowed.
will match against "CABLE Output (VB-Audio Virtual Cable). Use any other string to match against other device names.


It can be changed after the connection has been established. Useful for helping a remote guest skip-past the complex setup of their camera/audio.
You can pass a string name to auto-select an audio device that has a label containing that same string.
You can pass a device ID as well; see to see the device IDs (specific to VDO.Ninja's domain).
Setting this option to &audiodevice=0 will also disable the guest's microphone, potentially allowing for guest connections that have no video or audio. You might do this if you needed midi-only transport, hidden IFRAME control, or just to chatting.
See to see the device IDs and device names. DeviceIDs are specific to VDO.Ninja's domain, while device names are not. This web-based tool will also auto-create links for you, just by clicking on the respective device.
There is a toggle in the director's room which adds &ad to the guest's invite link.

Update in V22

&audiodevice can accept multiple audio devices now. &audiodevice=cam,cable for example, will select the camlink and virtual audio cable devices as an audio source when joining.
&audiodevice={device name} will now also now show the selected audio devices before joining, while &audiodevice=1 or &audiodevice=0 will still hide the option to change or see audio devices.
Last modified 10mo ago