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Pre-sets the screenshare stream id for a screen share if its a secondary stream
Sender-Side Option! (&push)


  • &ssid


Example: &screenshareid=SomeID
(no value given)
If no value is passed, the system will automatically add the suffix of "_ss" to the existing stream ID that the user might be using.
Pre-sets the screenshare ID. Useful to automate or prepare stuff in advance.


When screen sharing as a guest in a group room, the screen share will now create a second stream for the screen share, keeping your webcam also.
&screenshareid will preset the ID the screen share will have, making things easier to predict and prep for.
Example (&room=roomname&push=streamid&screenshareid)
Without this, the screen share ID is random, which is a decision made to increase security. This complication will be addressed in the future.
There is a toggle in the director's room which adds &ssid to the guest's invite link.
&screenshareid doesn't work with &screensharetype=3. When using &screensharetype=3 the screen share gets the appendix :s added to the stream ID of the guest.