Pre-sets the screenshare stream id for a screen share if its a secondary stream

Sender-Side Option! (&push)


  • &ssid


Example: &screenshareid=SomeID


(no value given)

If no value is passed, the system will automatically add the suffix of "_ss" to the existing stream ID that the user might be using.


Pre-sets the screenshare ID. Useful to automate or prepare stuff in advance.


When screen sharing as a guest in a group room, in &sstype=2 screen sharing mode, the screen share will now create a second stream for the screen share, keeping your webcam also.

&screenshareid will preset the ID the screen share will have, making the stream ID for the screen share easier to predict and prep for.

Without this, the screen share ID in &sstype=2 mode is random, which is a decision made to increase security. This complication will be addressed in the future.

&screenshareid doesn't work with &screensharetype=3. When using &screensharetype=3 the screen share gets the appendix :s added to the stream ID of the guest. As of VDO.Ninja v23,&screensharetype=3 is default, but you can revert back to &screensharetype=2 or use the new &screensharetype=3 method post-fix :s method of identify screen shares.


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