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Records the local video and the remote video(s) automatically on their initial load
General Option! (&push, &room, &view, &scene, &solo)


No video recorded; audio tentatively recorded as 32bit PCM lossless.
(negative integer)
No video recorded; audio recorded as {integer} kbps OPUS file. eg: -120 - Audio only at 120 kbps.
(positive integer)
Recorded video bitrate in kbps.


&autorecord will record the local and remote videos automatically on their initial load. This applies to the director, guest, scenes, and whatever really.
You can stop/restart recordings as needed via the right-click menu per each video for now, until I can design a nicer UI for managing multi-recording state at least.
You can pass the default recording bitrate as a value to the parameter, like you might if using &record.