Updates - Social Stream & Chat Overlay

Social Stream Ninja

February 20

  • Added a 'download wait list' button to Social Stream

February 19

  • By default, text to speech will not read out http link URLs anymore, instead it will just say "link"

February 18

February 13

  • Tenor gif support added to Social Stream (so now its giphy and tenor supported)

  • The first beginnings of Twitch websocket support done; more to go tho

February 11

  • You can block the host/bots from showing up in chat now via the general-settings section, rather than the dock section, in Social Stream. This is to provide bot blocking support for the new direct to featured chat option

February 8

  • riverside.fm support added to Social Stream, along with an opt-out option for it

  • Improved the auto-scrolling logic to account for very long messages

  • Fixed an issue with Zoom and the Social Stream standalone app not working

  • Fixed an issue with ffz extensions on twitch and Social Stream

February 4

  • Emotes wall works with &server mode now (rather than p2p)

  • Messages deleted on twitch or YouTube should auto delete in Social Stream also now (fixed some bugs on Twitch, improved extension support, YouTube support is new)

January 31

  • Initial support for megaphonetv.com has been added to Social Stream

  • The text to speech language drop down menu for Social Stream now will set &voice filter parameter, along with the &lang parameter

    • So it selects now not just the language, but also the voice, (Google vs. Microsoft vs. gendered voices; not just "en-us")

  • Added an option to Social Stream that let guests in chat auto-queue their own message.

    • In the extension menu you can set the command or you can just add &selfqueue=!queue to the dock.html page, with the string you want to be the command

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Social Stream from sending messages to Twitter live chat or Instagram live chat

January 30

  • truffle.tv support added to Social Stream

  • Added support for BTTV to YouTube (Social Stream)

    • This doesn't show the BTTV chat emojis in the YouTube chat itself, but rather adds the BTTV emotes in the Social Stream dock page.

    • The hope is to add more sites and 7tv, plus others over time, but this is a start

January 26

  • mixlr.com support added to Social Stream

January 24

  • Social Stream can make use of this new &lanonly mode also.

    • The dock.html, index.html, and the extension itself have toggles you can enable

    • You'll want to enable all three &lanonly toggles ideally, to ensure full coverage

    • This allows you to use Social Stream within a corporate network or on a single computer, without as much worry of it getting hacked due to a leaked session ID

    • If using &server mode, that will bypass this feature of course, as server mode isn't p2p

January 20

  • You can now merge multiple Social Stream extension sources into a single dock, so for example, two different computers capturing chat with two different extensions installed can combine their results into a single dock.html page.

    • To use, just comma separate the session IDs, ie: dock.html?session=aaaaaaaaaaa,bbbbbbbbbb.

    • If using a password, it will need to be the same with both session IDs currently

    • There may be other odd conflicts/quirks here or there if you use this feature, and only the dock.html has this support atm.

January 19

  • Added &exclude as an option for the Social Stream dock.html page:

    • ie: &exclude=facebook,twitch

    • Lets you hide messages from specific sources; comma separated values accepted.

January 18

  • Added a search bar option to Social Stream; with so many parameters these days, being able to quickly find a parameter I hope is helpful

  • YouNow has some events added in

  • Name filtering now works with names containing special characters

January 16

  • The option to auto-grab tweets in Twitter (X) has been added (Social Stream)

January 15

  • Added options to create custom auto-responses, based on custom triggering command. (Social Stream)

    • Up to 10 triggers/responds combos can be made

January 12

  • Added &autoshow as an option for the featured chat page (index.html) in Social Stream

January 10

January 6

  • Moderators within Social Stream are now considered members, as previously mods who were also members were not treated as so.

    • I'll try to sort it out so mods that aren't members aren't treatsed as members, but this will take some more time.

  • Added the option to add "replying to @userhere:" to captured messages in Social Stream when a message is a response.

    • Currently just works with Twitch, but it's a start.

January 5

  • Twitter post support fixed in Social Stream

January 3

  • &onlyfrom added as an option to the Social Stream dock.

    • You can pass a source type, which will the only show messages in the dock from those sources.

    • There is already &onlytwitch, but this allows for something like &onlyfrom=facebook or custom options.


December 29

  • Updated Social Stream so it supports Vimm's WebSockets mode

December 18

  • Fixed the threads.net support on Social Stream. (the star button manually adds the post to the dock)

    • Also added an insta-hide and -block button to threads; cause why not.

    • Canadian users aren't blocked from linking out.

December 17

  • In Social Stream, you can now disable the ability for someone with a dock link to respond to chat.

    • This toggle option is in the general-mechanics section.

December 10

  • Added a "Clear All" button, which will clear the dock of all messages (excluding pinned), stop TTS, clear any queue, and clear the current featured chat.

    • Useful if you need an emergency clear button, in case someone spams the chat with something offensive or you are going live and want to clear your test messages

    • A sample on how to use this clear via an API is provided in the sampleapi.html page; ie: https://api.overlay.ninja/SESSIONIDHERE/clear

  • &excludefiltered can be added to the dock.html page in Social Stream to prevent filtered messages from auto-featuring, when auto feature is on.

December 9

  • Fixed an issue with the emoji wall and not all icons being the same size.

  • Twitch chat pop out will not forward to the new chat site on stream end; it will stay on the original chat site despite a raid.

  • Some trival Twitch events can be optionally highlighted in the dock; twitch events like a viewers first time speaking in chat.

  • I've added code that tries to disable messages from being picked up still after the pop up has been forwarded to a new chat stream during a raid. You'll need to refresh the chat in this case to get it working again. This should help prevent chat messages from someone else's channel accidentally being picked up.

  • Fixed an issue with discord avatars not working anymore in social stream; plus an issue re: name/message blocking not working with Discord.

  • Improved support for YouNow.

December 4

  • shareplay.tv added to Social Stream

December 2

  • Live.space fix out for Social Stream, along with an opt-in channel feature, to avoid picking up chat from other channels

November 28

  • Updated the Social Stream code with some more error handling to the &server mode logic

  • Dialect support in Social Stream's Text to speech fixed; i.e: en-UK vs en-US, should be working now

  • Added the TTS menu to

  • Padding improvements and "member for N months" added to featured chat badge

  • jaco.live added to Social Stream

  • Google font options added to the hypemeter, wait list, etc, as well now; plus fixes

November 23

  • The Extension version of Social Stream also has had some bug fixes pushed; an error related to user blocking caused some bot action to fail.

November 21

  • Added dozens of new advanced transition in/out effects for the dock.html page.

    • Video of the transitions effects mentioned above

  • You can specify a Google font in Social Stream now; works for the dock or the featured chat page.

  • &padding=5 added as an option to the dock page now; you can also enable it via the menu. this adds vertical spacing to the lines.

    • In this case , it's padding=5, but that's 5px x 2 = 10px pixels total. 5 is the default for &padding, but you can specify your own amount

    • I also modified the default vertical padding, even if not using &padding; there's now a small bit of extra padding to make things a bit more readable

  • Fixed an issues where the session IDs still were not saving in some cases. Hopefully that's fixed now, after updating the extension.

November 20

  • For those so inclined to make their own overlays for Social Stream from scratch, I've created a basic and bare HTML template for reference.

    • No functions like TTS or customization via URL parameters; it's just a simple fixed overlay with minimal code.

    • It can be used as a featured overlay or as a dock-alternative, with all messages. see the code for reference.

November 17

  • Pushed an update for Firefox and the Social Stream extension; it brings back basic Firefox support to the extension.

    • You'll need to installed it via the about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox page as a temporary extension I guess? Or self-sign it.

November 12

  • The hide/only Twitch option for Social Stream added to the index.html page also now.

  • Twitch subs work again as 'stream events' that you can capture.

  • More Easter eggs added to the Twitter integration.

November 10

Social Stream updates

  • Added an option to hide or limit to just Twitch chat.

    • Works for just the dock.html page currently; if you need it for other things, let me know.

    • This could be helpful if you wanted two dock pages open; one for an OBS with Twitch output and one OBS with an output for everything else.

    • You can also use the "filter messages" text bar in the dock menu to do th same, using source:youtube if you wanted to just show youtube, or source:!youtube if you wanted anything but YouTube chat.

    • tl;dr; Twitch officially allows simulcasting now, but not consolidated chat, so this I hope might help with that.

  • Also updated the Social Stream standalone app; https://github.com/steveseguin/social_stream/releases/tag/0.1.4 (mac/win64)

    • It's still very much in 'just a preview test" mode, though I've trying to work thru all the issues. Please bare with me if you have issues with it.

November 9

November 5

  • I updated the sample custom.js file for Social Stream with the option to allow your public chat to control your OBS scenes with chat !commands.

October 30

  • Added a 'goodwords.txt' option to Social Stream

    • If the file is present in your extension's folder, messages will be filtered out (**) if they are not included in the provided good words list.

October 29

October 28

October 27

October 26

October 25

  • Fixed an issue with TikTok events not working

October 24

Social Stream updates

  • Fixed an issue with duplicate messages and cozy.tv.

October 22

  • I'm putting out a "still-in-development preview" version of the Social Stream Standalone app -- I've been poking at this project for the past year, and due to frequent requests for it I'm making it available as a preview-build. -- I'd say 90% of the features available in the extension work in this standalone version, with the interface about 50% done. -- Available as an installer for Windows x64 only at this point, but a Mac build is probably not far off.


October 12

  • Improved &floatup; supports &showtime now, to control speed, plus OBS fixes.

  • caffeine.tv support added to Social Stream.

  • Font-resizing for long messages is no longer enabled by default on the featured chat page; you'll need to now use &fontfit to enable it. (it's available as a toggle under featured->style)

October 9

  • YouTube chat from channel members can have all their chat be considered as "membership chat" now, rather than just their monthly highlighted messages. This can be enabled via the general mechanics option.

October 8

October 7

  • &showonlymembers and &showonlydonos added to the Social Stream's dock.html page, as URL options.

October 3

  • sesssions.us added to Social Stream

September 28

  • whatnot.com added to Social Stream. (no pop out, so just open the watch page and pause the video I guess)

September 26

  • steamcommunity.com live chat added to Social Stream. ie: https://steamcommunity.com/broadcast/chatonly/XXXXXXX

September 25

  • younow.com support added to Social Stream (since there's no pop out chat; just use the main view page)

September 18

  • cozy.tv support added to Social Stream

September 16

  • Align messages to the right-side of the screen added to Social Stream; for both the dock and featured chat pages

  • Right-to-left read language forced support added to message text; it's set to automatic detection by default however.

  • The featured chat messages can "stack" on top of each other now, although this is a work in progress.

September 12

  • https://boltplus.tv/ support added to Social Stream.

  • Facebook sticker support added to Social Stream

  • Added an option to filter for 'members' to the dock's menu

September 8

  • Updated Social Stream, attempting to fix some issues with relayed messages sometimes duplicating, etc. This includes also a change to avoid publishing to the same chat window if open in two different tabs; URL matching based, so not 100% ideal.

September 5

  • A few minor fixes and additions to Social Stream the last couple days, like the option to opt-in to showing "user joined" messages from TikTok.

August 29

August 28

August 25

  • Added initial support for language localizations to Social Stream. -- So far some pop-up menu text and a few Twitch/YouTube donation labels are supported -- I've added a "test" translation file, with a couple translations added, to try it out -- Actual translations for other languages still need to be actually added. (difficulty level: 3/10) -- (German was added*)

August 24

  • Added the option to use a !custom command for the waitlist trigger

  • Added the option to use a custom title message for he wait list page

  • Clarified the language/style to make it a bit clearer that you have to enable the page for it to work

August 20

On Social Stream now:

  • If you delete a message as a mod/host on Twitch, it will now propagate to the Dock, deleting all messages from that user in the dock. (other chat sites will be added eventually). Future messages from that user will not be blocked though.

  • If you right click on a message, you'll have an option to block a user now. It will propagate to other open docks automatically, however, these blocks will reset after a page reload unless you have the Hide and block specified users toggle enabled. Users blocked via right-clicking will be added to that block list, but you'll need to toggle it on for it to persist on each page load.

  • Adding a user to the Hide and block specified users will have it retroactively delete all messages from that user from all open docks.

August 18

  • MS Teams "enterprise" chat now working; not just the personal version. -- update Social Stream to access

August 17

August 16

August 15

  • &24hr added to Social Stream, which shows the timestamp in military time rather than 12hr time.

  • The option al set up automated broadcast messages at specified time intervals also added to Social Stream; option to set added to the settings menu.

  • estrim support added to Social Stream.

  • Migrated away from sync-save to local-save data for some of the save settings in Social Stream; lets me save more data.

August 14

  • livestorm.io chat added to Social Stream; open the "external sidebar" version of the event chat to use.

August 13

August 12

  • &pinnedonly added to Social Stream; hides all but pinned messages. This is useful for a synced second dock, perhaps on air talent, to see which messages you want them to see.

August 10

August 7

  • &compact mode as a toggle is more accessible and clearly defined as to what it does in the menu list

  • Updated the HTML/XSS input sanitizing logic for all the social chat integrations

August 2

  • Added support for Stripe payments to Social Stream, so you can have successful payments made using Stripe show up as messages in Social Stream.

July 31

  • Option to hide specific events in socialstream added. Takes comma,separated,values, and if any of those match a word in the event message, it will be blocked.

July 30

July 25

  • Updated Social Stream with new relay options:

    • Added the option to relay just donations from sites to all other sites; stated as a thank you.

July 19

  • The emotes-wall with Social Stream has two new adjustable options -- &limit=10, so you can limit the max emotes allowed at a time -- &speed=2, this will double the speed of the emotes; can take decimal values as well Use now manually, or update and enable via new toggle switches in the emotes section.

July 15

  • floatplane.com added to Social Stream

July 10

  • Added ElevenLabs.io Text to Speech support to Social Stream ; https://github.com/steveseguin/social_stream/blob/main/README.md#eleven-labs-tts this service seems to allow you to train your own custom high quality speech models? anyways, it's available now.

  • Google premium TTS and elevenlabs TTS added have support now in the dock.html page (not just in the index.html). TTS messages will queue automatically and will be cleared with the TTS is stopped/paused.

July 9

  • arena.tv added to Social Stream

  • bandlab.com added to Social Stream

  • &largecontent added as a toggle to Social Stream; this will make the content-images (like giphy images, twitter/IG posts, larger in the dock)

July 6

Social Stream updates

  • roll20.net had some updates

  • Owncast support fixed

  • General other patches/fixes

July 4

  • Added a !giphy chat command to Social Stream. You'll need to add you own Giphy API key in the extension settings to use this feature, but once enabled, chat messages containing !giphy will have an animated GIF get included with the message.

June 29

  • vkplay.live support added to Social Stream

June 23

  • Added stream events (non chat messages, like subs) to Twitch via Social Stream

  • Added support for "Hype Chat" (aka, super chat but on Twitch) to Social Stream

June 21

  • Added YouTube static comment support to Social Stream.

  • You can now make a file called badwords.txt in Social Stream, with a line by line list of bad words to filter out from chat.

    -- There's already a default blacklist of common bad words to filter out, but making your own badwords.txt will override that default list. -- You still need to enable the badwords toggle in the menu for this to use your list. -- The extension or browser needs to be reloaded if you change the badwords.txt file for it to update.

June 20

  • 7tv support with kick.com added to Social Stream

  • Xeenon.xyz support added to Social Stream also

June 4

  • Fixed some Social Stream issues where &random caused messages to appear off screen at times in OBS.

May 30

  • TikTok stream events fixed for Socialstream, along with some odysee and a few other fixes pushed.

May 26

  • Fixed an issue in Socialstream's random name color option, which now works with the background name color config option.

May 10

May 9

  • Social Stream's filter mode can be customized via the menu to name only on name, rather than name and message.

  • The text-to-speech option will not trigger on messages that are filtered.

  • Fixed an issue where large avatars + branding icons weren't working well together.

May 6

  • buzzit.ca chat support added to Social Stream (added via community member: Skintillion)

May 3

April 18

April 17

April 12

  • Added a URL option called &passttl to the dock page of Social Stream. When enabled, when someone types in !pass into chat, it cancels the current text to speech queue.

April 11

  • The Social Stream and VDO.Ninja HTTP/WSS remote API server went thru some changes; let me know if you have any sudden new issues

  • Numerous small fixes applied to Social Stream. bttv, kick, etc.

April 8

  • loco.gg, rooter.gg, and joystick.tv support added to Social Stream. (donations/badges not supported yet tho)

  • Support for international "display names" on Twitch added to Social Stream (via ZiLin on GitHub, thank you)

  • When using Social Stream, and it's remote API interface, you can now target specific docks with your API requests by assigning a target name to each dock.html page using &label For example: Dock with the name "NAMEHERE": https://socialstream.ninja/dock.html?session=XXXXXXXXXXXXX&server&sync&label=NAMEHERE Can be targeted with the API format like this: https://api.vdo.ninja/XXXXXXXXXXXXX/nextInQueue/NAMEHERE/null This was needed because if you had multiple docks connected to the API interface, you'd trigger multiple messages to be featured at a time (one per dock), when you'd want only one.

April 5

  • Fixed an issue with pinning + sync logic with Social Stream

  • Fixed an issue where badges on Twitch didn't show when using 7TV

April 2

  • tradingview.com support added to Social Stream

March 30

  • Added &opacity=0.3 to Social Stream; lets you make the text/dock partially transparent.

March 23

Social stream updates:

  • Fixed an issue with 7TV v3 and usernames not being coloured

  • Fixed an issue where Pinned messages in YouTube chat would be duplicated in the dock; attempted to fix some other duplication issues.

  • Updated Electron Capture so that you can toggle the "click thru and pin on top" with a global keyboard shortcut. (CTRL + SHIFT + X) -- This Electron Capture update relates to Social Stream because you can use it to overlay the dock chat on your display (such as while gaming?) without it getting in the way of what you're doing. (see photo for example)

    https://socialstream.ninja/dock.html?session=XXXXXXX&transparent  <= example of what you can use in the EC app; &transparent is recommended.

March 22

  • Updated Social Stream to support the recently pushed 7TV v3.0 extension (which broke the old version of Social Stream).

  • Also improved the scrolling function; should be less jerky now (rewrote the logic; I hope its bug free. please let me know if not).

  • Added some TTS options, such as only read out every 3rd message, and optionally tell the TTS to not say "xxxx says yyyy"; just the name + message.

March 19

  • &reload added to Social Stream; this will try to reload the last 40 to 50 messages in the dock after a page refresh, so you don't lose all your messages if something needs a refresh or things crash.

  • IRC support added to Social Stream via https://webchat.quakenet.org/.

  • tellonym.me support added to Social Stream.

March 17

Social Stream update:

  • &helpermode added to Social Stream, which lets a synced dock user set pins/queues, but not control the featured chat requests. Helpful if you need someone to manage your messages for you while live.

  • Twitter "start overlay" button when using Social Stream won't show if the extension is disabled

March 13

Social Stream update:

  • Expanded the number of Social Stream !commands to 20.

  • Now removing text-based alt names for emojis when filtering images/emojis.

March 9

Social Stream update:

March 8

  • &viewonly is an added parameter to Social Stream; if added to the dock.html page, it will disable any sort of message selection / message sending actions. Useful if you want to share a link with someone, but whom you don't want to actually interfere with the overlay/broadcast/chat. (limited security of course, since they can remove the parameter if they wanted to)

  • Also added &questionsonly, &hidequestions, &stripemoji

  • Support for castr.io overlay and wix.com chat added to Social Stream

March 4

  • Fixed a bugs with the remote http API feature in the extension now always turning on/off as expected

  • Added the option to send messages to a specific social site via the API. ie: https://api.vdo.ninja/XXXXXX/sendEncodedChat/twitch/!socials. (note that the target is not null in this case, but 'Twitch') You can use this to perhaps trigger a command that's Twitch specific or send custom messages based on the site.

March 3

February 28

February 25

Social Stream updates for today:

  • When turning off autoshow, the auto-show queue will stop and clear.

  • You can control whether to show firstname / names in the featured chat page now; not just the dock. The dock's settings will take priority over the overlay's page if enabled though.

  • The open-chat functionality opens a window or tab based on the destination, to offer best performance. (added by River)

February 24

  • Social Stream has had the "open chat automatically" functionality improved a lot the last couple days. @River played a large part in that.

February 22

  • Fixed/improved the Slack integration; emojis, etc, should work now

  • Added some options to add custom URLs to the auto-open chat feature; doesn't need to be a chat window

  • Fixed an issue with the darkmode toggle state not saving/loading correctly

February 21

  • Social Stream had some fixes: locals.com fix, hide-emoji/beep function fix

  • Added a section to specify and auto-open the chat-windows with a single click via the extension. This was developed in part with @River

February 19

  • &chartime=60 added as a dock option; this will specify the time per character that a message will show on screen when using the auto-show feature. 60ms is the default; longer messages will show for longer.

February 15

  • sli.do support added to Social Stream; works with the Q&A section via the participant link

February 10

February 9

  • Added rokfin.com to Social Stream

  • Menu on Social Stream tweaked to be a bit easier to see, based on user feedback

February 5

  • Further tweaked the menu in Social Stream; thank you River for that.

February 4

  • Added instafeed.me support to Social Stream

January 31

  • Some of the new tweaks made to the UX includes the option to immediately "stop" voice-to-speak, if you accidentally enable it. You can also right-click a message to enable TTS on it, and none others. If you need the old version of the dock.html page still, it's available at socialstream.ninja/dock2.html

  • Telegram.com/z/ for Social Stream also patched a bit; now if you specify a host-name in the menu, it will use that as your telegram name (rather than not know it)

  • Submitted an application to gain access to the YouTube chat API; wrote some code into VDO.Ninja / Social Stream to support it. I'm trying to see if I can offer a secondary way to access YouTube/Twitch chat data streams without an extra window open.

  • Added a parameter called &twolines to the dock.html page, which puts the name/avatar of the guest on its own line

  • Fixed Twitch support on chat.overlay.ninja (the older / alternative Social Stream extension)

January 25

  • Fixed a few dock.html issues on Social Stream, such as queuing sync and message scaling not working as expected in edge cases

  • Toggle added to Social Stream to disable the green name that YouTube-members get (Social Stream)

  • Fixed support for kick.com and nimo live

  • Added &lang=xxxx (&language/&ln), which you can use instead of &speech=xxx. When using &lang, it will not enable it by default. (Social Stream)

January 19

  • Higher resolution YouTube avatar images are used in Social Stream and its third party outputs now

  • Social Stream can now filter out messages starting with ! ; it's a toggle option that's useful to filtering out bot commands on Twitch/FB chat,etc.

  • There's an HTTP API option to toggle the auto-show mode now

January 11

  • Social Stream has documentation, sample code, and better support for server-side message sourcing -- so if you want to issue messages from a server (instead of web scraping) to the service, that works now. (https://socialstream.ninja/sampleapi.html)

January 9

  • Added a toggle to hide !commands from chat in Social Stream

January 6


December 30

  • You can choose to include or block non-chat events from the social stream feed now, like "John joined the stream". It only works on a few sites currently, but more can be added in time. (tiktok, for example, included)

  • When using &autoshow, there's a small queue now, so if there's a sudden spike of messages, up to around 30-seconds of messages will be queued before being skipped.

December 24

  • Right clicking a message in socialstream will show a menu now, where you can pin/queue or even now Delete a message. Delete will auto-delete from all docks, even if &sync isn't used, this way its more intuitive when trying to delete a message from an OBS dock overlay.

December 22

December 21

December 18

December 15

  • kick.com added to Social Stream.

December 9

  • chatroll.com added to Social Stream. I think it works on most websites given its an embedded IFrame, but let me know if there's a deployment its not working with.

December 8

  • Added branded-channel icon support for rumble to Social Stream.

December 7

  • Fixed WhatsApp support for Social Stream

  • Support for locals.com added to Social Stream

December 5

  • Social Stream has been updated so that clicking the currently active selected message in the dock will clear the message, rather than re-post it.

December 4

  • A one @ojacques on GitHub contributed Amazon Chime support to Social Stream; thank you.

November 29

  • Added host-avatar support to MS Teams for Social Stream

November 28

  • Social Stream updated: -- pushed a fix for MS teams -- improved user avatar support for Amazon live -- for Twitch and Amazon, added a hacky fix to keep a chat streaming even when the source tab is hidden

November 13

November 8

  • bilibili.tv support added to Socialstream

October 28

  • Added &nooutline to Socialstream.ninja's dock, which disables the text-outlining of fonts

October 26

  • clouthub added to Socialstream

October 22

  • piczel.tv support added to Socialstream

October 15

  • Refined Socialstream's dock style a bit, along with fixed some issues with the remote wss/http API

  • omlet.gg added to Socialstream

October 2

October 1

  • Fixed an issue re: settings not saving in socialstream

  • Added &hidebots as a toggle option to Socialstream, which hides messages from bots, hosts, or specified names from appearing in the chat stream.

September 30

  • Glimesh.tv support added to Socialstream

September 18

September 17

  • Fixed an issue where queued messages would become hidden once it hit the visual limit

  • Fixed a discord not-working issue

  • Fixed a twitch doubling up message issue

  • Fixed an issue with pinned messages when lastpass extension is installed

September 15

September 10

  • Support for @mention added to Mixcloud for Socialstream+touch, by means of providing the username that scripts can respond to (by user request).

  • &alignbottom added to the Socialstream dock; this aligns the message stream to the bottom by default, rather than top.

  • Added &transparent (versus the new &hideshadow), which can be useful for loading Socialstream into non-OBS studios.

September 2

  • Socialstream bug fixes, along with donation support added to Mixcloud.

August 31

  • Added workplace.com support to Social Stream

  • The queue-order of messages now is visible with little numbers on the left-side of the message. Changes to the queue are synced across docks when using &sync

  • slido.com support added to chat.overlay.ninja

August 26

  • New features for SocialStream.ninja, by requests - option to sync multiple docks has been added. Add &sync to the docks that you want to share state between, and if enabled, when one dock selects a message, the other dock then treats that message locally as if it was already pressed, so they know what the other dock selected. (syncing queues I'll try to add later on)

  • Added option to strip HTML from the dock as a URL parameter (rather than at the point of capture in the extension). Applies to donations, messages, and usernames.

August 23

  • Added the option to send featured-chat messages from SocialStream's dock to the overlay page via a websocket server, in case the viewing destination doesn't support webrtc. (by request)

August 22

  • Updated socialstream.ninja to support &password. You need to set the password via the extension settings page, which is a bit hidden.

August 17

  • Added theta.tv support to socialstream.ninja (via its pop out chat).

  • Added support for LinkedIn "live" to socialstream.ninja (already had support for linkedin events).

August 9

  • Minnit and livepush are social chat sources that have been added to socialstream.ninja (by request).

  • chat.overlay has had an issue with messages auto-clearing after a minute fixed.

July 27

  • Fixed some style issues with socialstream; mainly related to donos from twitch.

  • Added a new option called &autoshowdonos, which when used with &autoshow, will auto feature highly donation messages.

  • Added a new "send test message" to socialstream's extension menu (at the bottom) -- it lets you emulate an inbound social message for quick testing/setup.

July 25

  • Added an option to align messages near center. &split (socialstream feature)

  • Added some polish to the Facebook integration and dock layout as well; tweaking issues here and there

July 22

July 19

  • More polish for socialstream.ninja, including more ruggedness added for Telegram (webK and webZ) and Discord.

July 15

  • Fixed some issues with discord integration on socialstream

  • Improved mac support for text-to-speech feature in socialstream

  • Added &chroma=0f0 as a URL option for socialstream; lets you set the background colors for the pages. Defaults to green for chroma keying

July 10

  • vimm.tv and odysee support added to socialstream.ninja, plus some other minor tweaks

July 3

June 28

  • Socialstream and chat.overlay have been updated to support YouTube gift sponsorships

June 25

  • Added support for dlive.tv, mobcrush, and picarto.tv live chat to the socialstream.ninja extension

  • Fixed support for Facebook with socialstream.ninja; also optimized the code to reduce CPU load a bit

June 16

  • Socialstream.Ninja was updated to support more languages when using text-to-speech. As in, it no longer says "says" when reading out messages in anything but English, since 'says' wasn't being translated correctly. This patch should auto-update.

May 22

  • Added badge support to Social Stream (so far Twitch, YouTube, Facebook supported)

May 9

May 5

  • Introduced another performance optimizations to the way YouTube avatars are handled, which I hope will reduce the load caused by heavy YouTube chat streams.

May 4

  • Fixed an issue with doubling of some messages when using socialstream.ninja on Facebook.

May 2

  • socialstream.ninja supports text-to-speech with the docking page also now; this auto reads out-loud most inbound messages automatically, including donations. This feature is useful when you can't read the chat, such as when playing a VR game, but still want to follow what's going on. Not advised to actually have the speech output to the stream, since trolls are gonna troll.

  • You can also specify names in the socialstream settings, which prevent messages from those accounts from being read out loud. You can include your own name or/and a bot name, for example.

April 28

  • Text-to-speech added to social stream, ie: index.html?session=XXXXXX&speech=en-US; it has a couple limitations, mainly being the audio can only play out via the default system speakers, so you'll need a virtual audio cable if you wish to integrate it into OBS. Still, its functional if you need it.

April 27