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Lets you select how audio-only elements are displayed in OBS and for guests
General Option! (&push, &room, &view, &scene)


  • &st


Example: &style=2
shows the audio-control bar with a little person as a background silhouette, if the stream is an audio-only. This lets you control the volume and mute and get some feedback that the stream is present
1 | (no value given)
hides audio-only windows from appearing. The default is for guests to see audio-only boxes for guests that do not have a video feed; the director is excluded
just shows an animated audio waveform of the speaker's voice, although I made the quality HD now
shows the audio meter, which you can customize using &meterstyle. You can conversely just use &meterstyle on its own, and mix it with a different style, and it will still work
will just show a black background for any audio-only source
will show a random color for a background, instead of just black
will show the first letter of the guest's display name, in a colored circle, with a black background. If no display name is provided, it will just be a colored circle on a black background
will include non-media-based push connections as video elements in a group room. This can include guests that joined without audio/video, directors, or a data-only connection, like maybe MIDI-output source


&style lets you select how media elements are displayed in OBS and for guests; audio-only elements in particular.
Styles are experimental and will undergo change, tweaks, and likely there are more to come.
The default style depends on numerous factors; the intent is to predict the most desirable for a given situation. Manually setting the style will override the default. Defaults may be changed from time to time, based on user feedback.
There is a toggle in the director's room which adds &st to the guest's invite link.
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