Lets the director perform alongside guests, showing up in scene-view links

Director Option / Viewer-Side Option! (&director, &scene)


  • &sd


Example: &showdirector=3


This URL value can be added to the director's URL (&director=roomname&showdirector) or to the scene link (&scene&showdirector) when you wish the director to appear in those links. You can also enable this flag a couple other ways.

  • As a director, you will now appear as a performer kind of like other performers.

  • The ability to add/remove the director's camera/audio from scenes becomes available, including a new highlight guest option, the ability to record, re-order, and more.

  • By default, a director normally won't appear in any scene link or group link, and has limited functions available.

  • When a director enables their camera, while in &showdirector mode, they gain access to following set of options for the director's camera feed specifically:

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