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Like &sink, but selects the default audio output device
General Option! (&push, &room, &view, &scene)


  • &od
  • &audiooutput


(string value)
partial string that matches the device's label/name
will match against "CABLE Input (VB-Audio Virtual Cable). Use any other string to match against other device names.


This option lets you set the default audio output device, based on its name.
Matches on "string contains", so a partial string of the device name is enough. Use lower case, with underscores replacing special characters or spaces.
&sink takes priority, if used, and &sink is more strict in matching. While &outputdevice matches on the device name, &sink matches on the device ID.
&outputdevice=labelname is consistent across domains / cookie sessions, while &sink=deviceid isn't.
if parameter's value is left blank, it hides the option to change the output device, including under the settings cog.
Visit to find the available device IDs and device names on your system. Device IDs are specific to VDO.Ninja's domain, while device names are not. This web-based tool will also auto-create links for you, just by clicking on the respective device.


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