Option to change codec of the WHIP while screen-sharing

WHIP Option / Sender-Side Option! (&push)


  • &wosscodec


Example: &whipoutscreensharecodec=h264


Adding &whipoutscreensharecodec to the publisher's side gives the option to change the publishing codec while screen-sharing via WHIP.

There's 4 codec options currently, including the default option:

  • The unspecified default, which is software h264.

  • There's also h264, which is what the browser then sets. This could include hardware encoding, but that will not work with Firefox or Safari viewers then.

  • vp8 is pretty compatible, so if the default codec doesn't work, you can try that.

  • vp9 is also available, which has better compression/quality, but not fully compatible with all devices.

  • av1 and SVC are not yet supported, but that is planned at some point.

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