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Community contributed tools

Awesome tools made by the community that help with common VDO.Ninja-related tasks

There's some tools out there made by community members that could help with common VDO.Ninja related-tasks. If you want your project listed here, please get in contact with us at the discord. (discord.vdo.ninja)





Wizard style links generator


​OBSN Invite​

Toggle style links generator


​Cheat Sheets​

Quick start guides and cheat sheets

​Chris Marquardt​

​Show Manager​

Excel based link configuration tool



Ingest web pages as NDI-multicasted streams

​Dr. Ralf S. Engelschall​


Another awesome link generator for VDO.Ninja

​Dr. Ralf S. Engelschall​

​Cheat Sheet 2​

A simple Google Sheets list of available parameters

qdaps on Discord

​Cheat Sheet 3​

And another list of available parameters, with details

JK14 on Discord

​VirtualCam Filter​

Select any source in OBS to be the virtual cam output


​Source Record​

Record a source in OBS that is different than the output


​Win Cap Audio​

Capture audio from specific window in OBS.