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Community contributed tools
Awesome tools made by the community that help with common VDO.Ninja-related tasks
There's some tools out there made by the greater community that can help with common VDO.Ninja related-tasks. If you want your project listed here, please get in contact with us at the discord. (
Wizard style links generator
​OBSN Invite​
Toggle style links generator
​Cheat Sheets​
Quick start guides and cheat sheets
​Chris Marquardt​
​Show Manager​
Excel based link configuration tool
Ingest web pages as NDI-multicasted streams
Another awesome link generator for VDO.Ninja
​Cheat Sheet 2​
A simple Google Sheets list of available parameters
qdaps on Discord
​Cheat Sheet 3​
And another list of available parameters, with details
JK14 on Discord
​VirtualCam Filter​
Select any source in OBS to be the virtual cam output
​Source Record​
Record a source in OBS that is different than the output
​Win Cap Audio​
Capture audio from specific window in OBS.
​Companion Module​
Remote control VDON via this plugin for Companion
​OBS Audio Monitor​
Plugin for OBS; adds Audio Monitor dock and filter
The video engineering and live streaming community is pretty amazing, so thank you all for being so awesome. β™₯
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