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Native mobile app versions
Where do I find the native mobile app versions?
At present, the native mobile app versions of VDO.Ninja are fairly basic, but they can be useful for a couple of reasons.
  • The native Android app supports screen-sharing, while the browser-based version of VDO.Ninja does not.
  • More camera types are listed on the Android native app version; some wide-angle lenses appear that do not appear in the browser-based version.
  • Sometimes the native mobile app will work when the browser-based versions do not.
There are some limitations to the native mobile app versions though.
  • Rooms and group chat are not supported yet.
  • Passwords are not supported yet.
  • UVC camera and mic support is not yet available, but we're working on it. UVC devices are supported via the Raspberry Pi and Nvidia Jetson devices however (see bottom).
Google Docs
Supports screen sharing on Android, but is very basic in terms of available features
If looking to screen-share from an iPhone or iPad, there is a guide on how to do so here:
The native app for iOS is not currently available, but it will be back soon.

Raspberry Pi system images (and code)

If you have a Raspberry Pi, Nvidia Jetson, or a Linux system, you can use those devices to connect UVC-compatible cameras and microphones to VDO.Ninja. This is much cheaper than using a mobile phone and this solution won't overheat when streaming 1080p video after hours. The code is written in Python, so it is accessible for novice developers to use.
GitHub - steveseguin/raspberry_ninja: Stream live video from your Raspberry Pi / Jetson to VDO.Ninja!