How to improve quality of the native app

Improve quality of video if using iOS or Android native app versions

The native app version of VDO.Ninja isn't as feature rich as the web-app version, so control over exactly resolutions, frame rates, and more are a bit limited. Still, there are ways to encourage the quality to be as high as it can go.

Increase the bitrate

Setting the bitrate on the viewer side, such as by adding one of the following to the view-link.

&videobitrate=12000, or maybe &videobitrate=12000&codec=h264 or &videobitrate=12000&codec=av1

Different phones will have different CPU/encoding capabilities, so different codecs can result in varying qualities sometimes.

Enable 1080p mode

In the app itself, you can enable the prefer 1080p mode also. This doesn't force 1080p mode, but it "suggests" to the phone that is what you want captured. In time, more advanced controls may be added in this respect.

Improve the network connection

You can also try to connect your smartphone via Ethernet, rather than via WiFi, and ensure your network connection is top-notch. You can do this with a USB to Ethernet adapter, and then connecting the phone to your router.

You'll want the viewer also to be on a wired connection if possible, so preferably also ethernet.

If on cellular, considering using a bonded cellular connection, such as those provided by Speedify or other provider.

Smartphone overheating

If your phone is getting warm, putting a metal heatsink on the backside of the phone directly can help keep it from thermal throttling. You can also try changing codecs, to see if perhaps there is a better option

Update your smartphone

Some smartphones will have limited functionality if using an older version of the operating system. This is especially true of iOS devices, where iOS 16 has several core improvements over iOS 16, for example.

Final notes

Those options will give you the best chance of obtaining the highest quality from the native app.

Otherwise, if you want more control over settings and quality, you'll need to use the web app, available at

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