How to share webcam from inside OBS

Share your webcam, virtual-camera, and audio source from using VDO.Ninja inside OBS

This guide works for OBS Studio v27.1.3, but some users have had issues with v27.2.

By default, you can't select your webcam in an OBS dock or browser source. This can be changed by adding a command-line parameter to the OBS launch shortcut.

Within Windows, we can right-click the OBS launch icon or app icon, right click the "OBS Studio" option, and then click Properties. This will provide us the launch properties window.

We want to add --enable-media-stream to the Target field; we want to add this after the quotations, and not inside them. See below for an example.

From there, we are good to go. We can add a dock to OBS or a browser source, and we should be able to now activate our webcam source, such as the built-in OBS virtual webcam.

If we use the following VDO.Ninja URL as a dock source, we can have VDO.Ninja auto-start every time, create a new link that you can share with others. This link is setup to auto-select the OBS virtual camera and the first VB virtual audio cable, if one is available.

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