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This is just a minor version update; pushing it out so I can start getting v17 into beta.
  • &rooms=room1,room2 has been added for easier multi room transfer (via duncan).
  • &website embedding has been greatly improved; twitch/youtube support streamlined.
  • Guests will get a message when transferred.
  • &scenes can be used by the director to allow for more scene buttons (&scene=3 for example can be used now) (&scene=2 is funky, so keep that in mind if using it).
  • &channels is added to the director's options; it lets you output audio of a guest to a different audio channel.
  • Improve mobile support; rotating the phone doesn't break the sizing of videos (bug in v16 fixed).
  • &videodevice and &audiodevice now support device names and still device sink IDs.
  • Changed the fullscreen icons.
  • Languages updated (dutch).
  • Numerous other polish items added, including some fixes contributed via github by users.
Thank you to everyone for the feedback and suggestions. -steve
Last modified 1yr ago