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Another minor update; trying to get stability to 100% before pushing forwards.
  • &effects=4 5 and 6 have been added; though they are purely experimental and buggy. (greenscreen, boken blur, avatar)
  • Tweaked the packet loss graph on the obsn/speedtest (moving average instead of being just an average).
  • Fixed a few bugs related to iOS sources in OBS on PC rendering incorrect overlays, labels, etc.
  • Adding &pcm to the URL will have video recordings be saved as Video + PCM audio format.
  • Added a fix rainbow puke button to the director's room; it's going to be removed once OBS updates chromium on PC, but for now it can fix issues with heavy packet loss glitching.
  • Added the ability to start/stop local video recording from the iFRAME API.
  • Some styling tweaks; &rooms etc.
  • More stats added to the stats debug page, while hiding some useless ones to free up some room.
  • In the top-right there is now a basic stats readout; viewer count, bitrate, cpu-load issues.
  • Modal boxes have replaced alert popups.
  • Changed the camera icon from an eye to a video cam.
  • Passwords now support special characters.
  • You can now add a password via the Add camera to OBS page.
  • You will get booted out of a room if your stream ID is already in use -- prevents accidental creeping.
Thank you to everyone for the bug reports, testing, support, and feedback. -steve
Last modified 1yr ago