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Pre-configures the selected audio device.


  • &adevice

  • &ad





disable audio source automatically. No option to change it during setup is provided.


auto-select the default audio. No option to change it will be allowed.


will match against "CABLE Output (VB-Audio Virtual Cable). Use any other string to match against other device names.


It can be changed after the connection has been established. Useful for helping a remote guest skip-past the complex setup of their camera/audio. You can pass a string name to auto-select an audio device that has a label containing that same string. You can pass a device ID as well; see obs.ninja/devices to see the device IDs (specific to obs.ninja's domain) Setting this option to 0 will also disable the guest's microphone, potentially allowing for guest connections that have no video or audio. You might do this if you needed midi-only transport, hidden IFRAME control, or just to chatting.