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Video streaming quality test

I put together a first version of a tool designed to help with automated tech-checking of guests. Tool is located here currently: https://vdo.ninja/alpha/check, although I may move it at some point.

The tool is based after the speedtest I have up still, but once the test is complete, it offers a link to the results that can be shared. The results are stored on a server, anonymously, for up to a week, after which they expire and auto-delete.

A demo results page can be found here: https://vdo.ninja/alpha/results?id=steve12345

The results include the details found within the speedtest, but also the bandwidth is ramped up from 2500, to 4000, and then to 6000 -- 30-seconds each, for a total of 90-seconds. The test then takes about 90 seconds to complete, and the end it auto-uploads the results.

While the guest can send you the link of the results, you can also send the guest a link with the ID pre-set, so you can check the results at a later date without needing the guest's feedback. To do so, just add ?id=xxxx to the test link. ie: https://vdo.ninja/alpha/check?id=exampleGuest123

You can create an excel sheet of different links, for different guests, and then email them out to guests, asking that they complete the test before a stream. If there are problems with the guests's connection/computer, you'll be able to resolve them sooner this way.

I'd still recommend you do a proper tech check before the stream regardless, but this 'pre-tech-check' can help in cases of larger groups.

At some point I'll add a dashboard or notification system to make managing invite links easier, but that will probably be for another day.

Testing regions for vdo.ninja/alpha/check https://vdo.ninja/alpha/regions

There is also another Speed Test option here: https://vdo.ninja/speedtest


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