Platform Specific Issues

Use cases

  • To allow your mobile device to be used as a wireless remote camera.

  • To pull in other people's video and audio for podcasting/broadcast (guest appearances)

  • For sharing high-quality and low-latency audio and video across the Internet and within LANs.

  • Bring a friend's remote game stream into your OBS and do side-by-side gaming together.

  • To allow you to publish to YouTube with your smartphone even though you don't yet have enough followers to broadcast to Youtube with the YT mobile yet.

  • To watch movies with friends, via screen sharing, privately, and with low-enough latency to talk on the phone together while watching it.

  • Use as a remote low-latency teleprompter feed.

  • Recording remote or local video at high quality without needing any downloads.

  • Remotely streaming MIDI device output, such as MIDI keyboards or production control boards.

  • For whatever other reason you might come up with.