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Disables or adjusts the sensitivity of the VP8/VP9 Codec packet loss 'fix' for OBS.


(integer value)


It's on by default and set to 15 if only using OBS and if using the VP8/VP9 video codec
  • There is a bug in OBS where the VP8 codec (default in most cases) does not handle packet loss events. This function attempts fixes its.
  • You can disable this 'fix' by passing it the value 0 or off.
  • When on, it will trigger a keyframe request to combat pixel smearing caused by packet loss and poor network conditions
  • Triggers around every 3-seconds if needed; may not activate often with very light packet loss.
  • May lower video quality, or may not be desirable, so this flag lets you disable it.
  • Stream pushers can open the debug/stats menu and manually send keyframes also.
  • VP9 is far less prone to packet loss issues, but it can still happen with heavy packet loss.
  • Increasing the integer value passed to &obsfix will reduce the frequency and sensitivity of the keyframe request.
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