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Disables all video playback on the local computer, except for any stream ID that is listed.


  • &nv

  • &showonly




(string value)

the stream ids to accept; can be a comma separated list


Useful for reducing the CPU and network load on other connect peers if voice-chat is sufficient.

  • Join a group-room as audio-only, to limit load on the guests

  • Useful for a large group room where you want everyone in the room to see only the OBS Virtualcam output.

  • Consider using &broadcast option instead of this flag as it is better suited for presenting a single feed to a group than using &novideo alone.

When used together with noaudio (&novideo&noaudio), prevents guest room member from seeing or hearing other member's audio or video feeds.

  • Useful for directors who may wish to only issue commands or text chat, but not need to see video or audio.