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Why use VDO.Ninja over other solutions?
In some cases, the functionality of VDO.Ninja may overlap with existing solutions. However, in its primary function as an ultra-low latency peer-to-peer video bridge to OBS, it has many benefits and advantages over other methods:
  • 100% free. There's no downloads required, no personal data collected, and no sign-in needed.
  • Compatible with most modern browsers and mobile devices.
  • Free support offered via email, discord, reddit, and numerous written guides.
  • Video data is peer-to-peer, so unlike Skype, your video data does not go thru the NSA's spying servers
  • Video can be transferred over a LAN directly, so if using your phone as a webcam, you can crank the bitrates up to 40mbps if you want, and your Internet upload bandwidth won't be affected at all.
  • Video does not go thru a server, so there is less latency as there is less distance to travel. I'm talking as low as 30ms, and normally it never goes higher than 200ms.
  • There are no downloads required for sharing video -- just send the web link to a guest and they can access the service on nearly any device.
  • The interface is open-source, so you can white-label, stylize, tweak, and deploy the website code however you want.
  • Playback of video has been tested to even work on LG's CX OLED displays using Amazon Silk browser
  • No plugin additional plugins are needed for OBS -- just drag the selected link into OBS (v25 or newer on PC*) and it auto generates the OBS Browser source with the correct resolution. (* MacOS users need to update to OBS v26.1.2 to access support for OBS.Ninja natively.)
  • QR Code support for invite links, which allows for easy ingestion of mobile devices without needing to use the keyboard.
  • Reusable invite links, so OBS Browser sources don't need to be re-created or changed once created and shared.
  • Adjustable resolutions and bitrates (1920x1080p60 @ 30-mbps -- or even custom resolutions). I've hit 4K @ 30fps in some testing, although it does require a fast computer in that case.
  • There is a browser-based video control room for managing feeds and control videos within scenes of OBS.
  • There are no overlays and no windows to crop -- VDO.Ninja auto-fills the window an if there is a black border, it becomes a transparent layer.
  • Control over audio denoise, echo-cancellation, and auto-gain is available, along with custom audio bitrates, and stereo-sound. It is an exceptional tool for podcasters and live streaming DJs.
  • In group chat (rooms) there is an "auto-mix" mode, making for easy management of dynamic group chat sessions.
  • Free TURN servers are hosted for VDO.Ninja users, which normally are quite costly, but are kindly subsidized by community sponsors and by Steve, the developer of the application. Sponsor ❤
  • Group rooms and streams can be password protected and given extra security.
  • Tally-light support is offered when VDO.Ninja is used in conjunction with OBS.
  • The group-room director has a "push to talk" capability, along with text-chat being available.
  • Support for ISO feed recording via the director's control room.
  • Those in a group-chat can also be split up into individual streams, so the OBS director has control to treat them like different sources in OBS ,switching and mixing as they want.
  • With little dependence on video servers, at peak usage hours video quality does not suffer.
  • VDO.Ninja is a project of passion, built by creators for creators, and we like to think it shows.
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