How to set up OBS WHIP output settings

Encoder options that can offer smooth playback

OBS Studio v30 now has WHIP output, which can stream into VDO.Ninja. While there are a few limitations of using OBS Studio with VDO.Ninja directly, some H264 settings that have reported offered good results are the following:

  • Rate Control: CRF

  • CRF: 23

  • Keyframe Interval: 1s

  • Preset: Veryfast

  • Profile: High

  • Tune: Fastdecode (required for WebRTC playback)

  • x264 Options: bframes=0 (required for WebRTC playback)

In some cases, adding &buffer=2500 to the VDO.Ninja view link can further help reduce any lost of skipped frames, but at the cost of increased latency.

If looking for alternatives to publishing into VDO.Ninja, consider checking out Raspberry.Ninja also, which supports a broad range of encoders, including AV1-AOM, Intel QuickSync, Raspberry Pis, Nvidia Jetson, and many other hardware and software options. Playback is smooth, with support for multiple viewers. Runs on most systems, including Linux and Windows for Linux Subsystem (WSL).

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